Chad is a pleasure to work with. He has provided a source of inspiration for the company and has without exception, been a source of inspiration for me directly. Many have found him to be a prophetic guide in our pursuits, ethics and purpose as a company. --Annual Review

Chad is truly an innovator. His vision for the Toy Box has been a guiding force. Creative, responsive and analytical, he’s done a great job of responding to the feedback surrounding this effort and has provided a platform that has engaged his peers with what the Toy Box has become. --Annual Review

Received for conceiving and prototyping the Toy Box for Disney Infinity as well as leading the team that saw it through completion.

Chad is hands down the best game play architect I’ve ever worked with. Beyond that he is one of the best people I’ve had the pleasure to work with, period... He is an excellent leader and a creative force that would enhance any team. --Jon Warner, Walt Disney Company

Chad is the consummate game maker. He is a designer, technician and leader. His work is creative and inspired. The results are well planned and the conversion on those plans is exceptional. As a leader he has what it takes to connect with people and motivate the best contributions from them. --Annual Review

Chad has been the most talented employee I have worked with in regards to raw talent (technically and artistically), leadership, and vision in the games we have worked on... The bottom line is this: Chad is one of the best of the best. --Karl Loveridge, Incognito Studio